How does mentorship work?

The mentorship program consists in face-to-face discussions or virtual ones, between a mentor and a mentee with the following possible discussions:

  • Plans for education and career growth 

  • Opportunities for personal growth and lessons learned by mentors

  • Integration into a country abroad 

  • Financial advice in different business domains   


It is a small time investment from mentors, but it can provide substantial growth for future generations.  

What benefits does the mentorship program bring? 

  • You will be advised from the experienced mentors about education and career opportunities abroad.

  •  You will find out the best practices to accelerate your career growth and to improve your skills.

  • You will be able to connect with entrepreneurs from Moldova and abroad in order to find out new business opportunities. 

How does it work?


Create a profile on the platform


Create a profile on the platform

Connect to the mentor and start asking questions :) 

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